Marcellin College Randwick

Aeterna Non Caduca | The Eternal Not The Transitory

Absence and Leave

Marcellin College courtyard

Whole day absence

  • If your son is sick, please enter an attendance note in the Compass portal before 8.30am.
  • If the College has not received a phone call or previous notification an SMS will be sent asking you to contact the College. Partial absence or Leave during the day
  • If your son is required to leave early for a medical appointment or for some other a reason please provide him with a note, to be taken to his Year Coordinator (on arrival at school) who will issue a Leave Pass. He is to sign out at Student Services before he leaves the school.

Late to school

  • If your son is late to school, he is to go to Student Services to sign in. He will be required to use his student pass which will be issued early in Term One.

Other leave

  • All leave requests are to be sought through the College’s Application for Exemption from Attendance at School form that is available from the College website. We ask that this form be filled in providing as much information as possible and submitted to Student Services at least two weeks before the intended leave. Where possible we ask that family holidays be taken during the term holidays listed above.

Absence on first and last day of term

  • If your son has not been granted exemption from attendance (leave) a doctor’s certificate must be provided to explain his absence.



The Marcellin Graduate

They arrive as young boys dependent very much on their parents and their teachers; they depart as adults in the eyes of the law. Young men - citizens of the world. There is an impression that the Marcellin boy is cocooned on the eastern side of Anzac Parade. The challenge for him is that he sees beyond that into the broader world. He is a global citizen. He is called to reach out to others, to let go of any preoccupation with self. His destiny is, as
St Marcellin Champagnat foretold, to be a good Christian and good citizen.