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Aeterna Non Caduca | The Eternal Not The Transitory

MCR Music Program



Marcellin College has a lively, dynamic and passionate Music Program, which is an integral part of the College community. Students are engaged in tuition and ensemble programs which are designed to develop their musical talents in a vibrant and nurturing environment. Performances at College liturgies, assemblies, HSC Showcase evenings, soirees, Open Day, Parent Meet & Greet Evenings and Champagnat Day celebrations highlight the many talents of our boys. 

The College boasts state of the art facilities, including a music studio designed for recording and performance, a music lab with specialised composition software and equipment, and sound-proof tutorial practice rooms.  

Marcellin College has a proud record of outstanding HSC Music results and consistently achieves above average results at a state level. Many students are involved in music outside of school, and a number of boys have continued their music ambitions at a tertiary level.

The Music Department exposes students to a variety of musical styles and challenges them to broaden their understanding of music and reach their full potential through performance experiences which develops the student's confidence, self-discipline and appreciation of music.



Rod Zeitsch Music Tuition Rooms

Our Music Tuition Program offers group, pair and individual lessons on a number of musical instruments. Students who take part in the program receive weekly hour and half-hour lessons with a professional tutor. In these tutorials students are given specialised instruction on their instrument, learn proper technique which is vital to the learning of this instrument and prepare repertoire for fun, performances and concerts. These lessons are held in the Rod Zeitsch Music Tuition Rooms and take place during school hours. 

Marcellin College offers tuition in the following instruments:

Bass Clarinet 
Alto Saxophone 
Tenor Saxophone 
Baritone Saxophone 
Bass Guitar
Double Bass


Music Tutors

Our Music tutors are highly experienced professionals who have been educating for a number of years. 


Jay Miller - guitar, bass guitar, double bass 

Jamie Cameron - drums and percussion

Lauren Dawes - voice

Thomas Christie - piano / composition


Ensemble Program

Marcellin’s Ensemble Program is available to boys who have a particular level of ability on their instrument and are able to read music. All ensemble rehearsals are held during school hours, at recess or during lunch and each ensemble is directed by one of the College’s specialist Music tutors. Information on rehearsal times, commitment and required experience is provided on the enrolment form. Boys involved in this program enjoy performance opportunities at many school events and are invited to attend our annual Music Camp which is held offsite in Term 4.

Stage Band

Senior Ensemble

Junior Ensemble

Brass Ensemble

Woodwind Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble

String Quartet


Further Information

Enquiries: Miss Anita DeFrancesco


The Marcellin Graduate

They arrive as young boys dependent very much on their parents and their teachers; they depart as adults in the eyes of the law. Young men - citizens of the world. There is an impression that the Marcellin boy is cocooned on the eastern side of Anzac Parade. The challenge for him is that he sees beyond that into the broader world. He is a global citizen. He is called to reach out to others, to let go of any preoccupation with self. His destiny is, as
St Marcellin Champagnat foretold, to be a good Christian and good citizen.