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Aeterna Non Caduca | The Eternal Not The Transitory

  • 2021 Year 9 and Year 11 Subject Selection

    Posted on: 20 July, 2020

    CLICK HERE FOR THE: MCR Subject Selection Website

    The Marcellin Subject Selection Website has been created to help students make informed decisions about their Elective pattern of study for 2021-2022. The site provides detailed information about each subject offered at Marcellin College along with a short video presentation and other relevant links. The site also provides an overview of the current HSC Pathways and curriculum offerings available so that students can better understand the academic options available in the years ahead.

    Subject Selection Information

    Year 11 2021 

    Year 11 2021 Subject Selection Handbook 

    Year 9 2021 

    Year 9 2021 Subject Information Handbook


The Marcellin Graduate

They arrive as young boys dependent very much on their parents and their teachers; they depart as adults in the eyes of the law. Young men - citizens of the world. There is an impression that the Marcellin boy is cocooned on the eastern side of Anzac Parade. The challenge for him is that he sees beyond that into the broader world. He is a global citizen. He is called to reach out to others, to let go of any preoccupation with self. His destiny is, as
St Marcellin Champagnat foretold, to be a good Christian and good citizen.