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Aeterna Non Caduca | The Eternal Not The Transitory



Sydney Buses provides dedicated school bus services for students at Marcellin College. Secondary School students are eligible for subsidised transport if they live more than 2.0km (radial distance) from the College, measured on a radius from the centre of the school site, or 2.9km or more by the most direct practicable walking route to the nearest point of physical entry to the school. 

We encourage parents to avail themselves of these services and refrain as far as possible from driving your son to school. 

Applications forms can only be submitted via the online application procedure. Information and the link to the online application can be found at  

Year 7 students will receive their bus passes in the mail before the commencement of Term 1. However, should your son not receive his pass in time, do not worry as there is a grace period for the first few weeks of school to allow for all passes to be distributed. During this grace period students are able to travel on a bus without a pass.



Students who use public transport to and from school do so as representatives of the College. There is a clear expectation that they will behave at all times in accordance with the standards that are set at school. Any student who doesn't behave appropriately whilst travelling to and from school will face disciplinary action as outlined in the College Behaviour Management Policy.

Boys are expected to catch the State Transit buses that are provided to the school, this ensures that boys are not a hindrance to the travelling public in other bus zones and that the school continues to have access to these services. If there is a need for boys to use a public bus parents are to write a request to the Deputy Headmaster who may issue a special pass for this travel.

When boys travel to and from school they are not permitted to enter shopping centres or other public spaces whilst in their school uniform. The expectation is that boys go directly to school in the morning and directly home in the afternoon.

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The Marcellin Graduate

They arrive as young boys dependent very much on their parents and their teachers; they depart as adults in the eyes of the law. Young men - citizens of the world. There is an impression that the Marcellin boy is cocooned on the eastern side of Anzac Parade. The challenge for him is that he sees beyond that into the broader world. He is a global citizen. He is called to reach out to others, to let go of any preoccupation with self. His destiny is, as
St Marcellin Champagnat foretold, to be a good Christian and good citizen.